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round robin

12 players. 11 games. 3 hours. 1 winner.

We offer 3-4 round robin tournaments every month.    

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For every official pickleball offering we host, it is our desire to keep athletes divided by skill level as best as we can; beginners with beginners, intermediate with intermediate and advanced with advanced.  Someone’s skill level can be a very subjective opinion so it is sometimes hard to determine this with consistent accuracy.  For this reason, we keep an “overall score” record after each HUMC round robin. These statistics convert to winning percentages and points per game and we use this metric to determine what level each individual player should be in.  It is our experience that if you are consistently scoring 6 points or less per game, you are most likely below a 3.5 rating.  If you are consistently scoring 8 points or more per game, you are most likely above a 3.5 rating.  If you truly possess the skills that the self-rating guides say you need per level, your winning percentages & points per game should reflect that.  Thanks for helping make the HUMC round robins both competitive and fun for all skill levels, two of our core values in offering these events.   


The HUMC rating is based on the following structure:

0 to 6,9 points per game = under 3.5

7 points per game = 3.5

8+ points per game  = 4.0+


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