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  • Host team is responsbile for scheduling the match, the game court & determining the game ball used.

  • (If there is a fee to play on a public court, the Host team is responsible for paying this fee for both teams.)

  • When scheduling, each team should make a reasonable effort to be available for each match.

  • Games can be played on any legitimate pickleball court, including HUMC's indoor courts (free, but by appointment only).

  • Games can be played in any order so long as every game is played by the September 12th deadline.

  • Game balls should be standard pickleball grade and suitable for the court you play on.

  • Each Match consists of 3 games, played to 11, win by 2.  Play ALL THREE GAMES as total points is factored as well.

  • Immediately following each completed match, the Host team shall enter the scores on the HUMC pickleball web page.

  • (It is recommended that both teams keep a record of their score after each game.)