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round robins

12 players, 11 Games, 10 points, 3 hours, 1 winner

how it works

1. 12 PLAYERS.  You will be partnered with a different player every game.

2. 11 GAMES.  You will play a maximum of 11 games, facing a combination of different partners.

3. 10 POINTS.  Games are played to 10 points (win by 1) or 12 minutes, whichever comes first.

4. 3 HOURS.  You will begin at 6pm and finish by 9pm  (exhausted)  

5. 1 WINNER.  Your points from each game follow you throughout the night.  High scorer for the night wins! 

Check calendar to see when the next Round Robin will be held!  

Not sure about your rating. Click the link for guidance. 

**Link goes live when registration is open

HUMC Round Robin Events

HUMC Pickleball follows a “ladder-league” style system of round robins.

  • Beginner level: 1.0-2.4

  • Lower Intermediate level: 2.5-3.4

  • Higher Intermediate level: 3.5-3.9

  • Advanced level: 4.0 and above


Skill level is determined by the following criteria: Skill Rating Guide

In general, a person must "pass" a round robin level before moving into the next higher level. HUMC Pickleball reserves the right to move a person into a particular skill level based previous scores recorded in our round robin events or personal assessment of that player.


The goal of HUMC Pickleball is to have an environment of friendly competition; fellowship is prioritized over aggressive competition. However, HUMC Sports strives to provide a quality pickleball program for all levels of play in the Lake Norman area.

round robin gallery

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