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round robins

12 players, 11 Games, 10 points, 3 hours, 1 winner

how it works

1. 12 PLAYERS.  You will be partnered with a different player every game.

2. 11 GAMES.  You will play a maximum of 11 games, facing a combination of different partners.

3. 10 POINTS.  Games are played to 10 points (win by 1) or 12 minutes, whichever comes first.

4. 3 HOURS.  You will begin at 6pm and finish by 9pm  (exhausted)  

5. 1 WINNER.  Your points from each game follow you throughout the night.  High scorer for the night wins! 

**Check calendar to see when the next Round Robin will be held!  

**Link will go live when a Round Robin is open for Registration

Not sure about your rating. Click the link for guidance. 

round robin gallery

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